MACOMM was born from a desire to change perceptions – perception of a consumer towards a brand, perception of a brand towards a consumer. Gaining inspiration from his entrepreneur grandfather Nasir Uddin Ahmed, one of the founding forces of the leading newspaper of the 70s’ and 80s – Daily Sangbad, Rabeth Khan, Founder and CEO of MACOMM decided early on that marketing communication would be his future. His initial attempts which started from the balcony of his home, however, resulted in tripping and fallings. The early days of advertising business pursuance was marred by an inexperienced team and an indecisive partner at an early stage, early opportunities to associate with a global names slipped away twice. Unfazed by the rhetoric, he decided to do it on his own and his determination and will culminated gave birth to MACOMM.


As a startup with no repertoire and zero funding, the early days of MACOMM were extremely difficult. The agency’s first success came with the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup 2004. Pitching against already established agencies, Rabeth and his small team won the pitch to be the official marketing and event management agency partner to manage the biggest sports event of the time through a stellar display of hunger, efficacy and wanting to win. The seeds for MACOMM were planted. In 2005, a full service agency became a reality. Within 6 months of the start, MACOMM won the duties of Toshiba, Panasonic and Tourism Malaysia and never looked back. In 2015, MACOMM joined hands with one of the world’s leading marketing communication agency group Dentsu, as the Official Affiliate of Dentsu in Bangladesh, heralding MACOMM into a new level of strength.


Today, MACOMM continues to be a leading presence in the advertising industry of Bangladesh with a continued buildup of accomplishments. Longevity is difficult in any line of work, attributed to changing trends and competitive challenges, MACOMM’s can be credited to lessons learned in its infancy. Most notably, that hunger and determination are the foundations of success. As the years go by, complacency can kick in and a company can lose its fire. It is adamant to keep this hungering will, like that of a startup, to not only retain success but grow too. Fresh young minds are necessary, people with the will to strive and succeed, treating MACOMM not as an established powerhouse, but an unproven startup.


Times are changing, needs are changing for both brands and consumers. As MACOMM continues its advertravelling into the second decade of its being, it continues with the goals of breaking clutters, transform brands and continue to evolve. These goals were there at the beginning of the journey and it has never shifted. Money has always been a secondary objective. Macomm will continue to strive to be at the forefront of advertising innovation and wants to be respected as the core of advertising excellence.